Care & Cleaning of Upholstery
To successfully clean fabric, it is important to determine the type of fabric and the recommended cleaning code. This information can be found on the tag attached to the furniture, either underneath the footrest or on the dust cover underneath your furniture.

Cleaning Fabric:

  • Use only water-based cleaning agent or foam.
  • For any type of cleaning, we recommend that a professional upholstery cleaner be contacted.
  • If you have further questions relating to your particular piece of furniture, please contact your dealer.
  • If you have a special question, please email and we'll get back to you promptly.

Care & Cleaning of Leather
Leather is a natural material and, when properly cared for, it will maintain its beauty and appearance for many years. It is also the easiest to care for of all upholstery materials. Each leather type has its own care and cleaning specifications, but there are also some generalisations.

General Care Tips:

  1. Keep it clean. Vacuum and dust often using a crevice tool in seams.
  2. Though leather is resistant to fading, direct, prolonged exposure to the sun will cause any material to fade. Therefore, it is important to position your leather furniture away from windows, skylights or other intense light sources when possible.
  3. Keep your leather furniture at least 12" away from radiators and other intense heat generators to prevent drying and possible cracking.
  4. If spills do occur, attend to them quickly, blotting the stain rather than rubbing.
  5. Do not leave newspapers on leather furniture. The ink in the newsprint will rub onto the leather. This is true for all upholstery.
  6. Take extra care with sharp instruments and animal claws. Leather is much stronger than upholstery but will puncture with force, causing need for a difficult repair.
  7. Never use harsh cleaners, chemicals or saddle soaps as they may damage the finish. Before using any cleaner, test-clean on a hidden area.
  8. Depending on use, lighter colours may require more frequent maintenance than darker colours.