Options for Classic Recliners

You can easily tailor your La-Z-Boy Classic recliner to suit your requirements. If you require your recliner to have added height for easier access or if you are left handed you can choose to have your handle positioned on the other side of the chair. Or you may wish for a designer handle. It's easy to find the options to suit you.

  • Designer handle

    Choose to upgrade to a chrome handle - its sleek, ergonomic and complete with a state of the art arc design adds a stylish accent to your recliner. 

  • Tailored to your height

    If you are taller or require easier access to your recliner, why not add a high base, which adds 65mm to the overall height of the seat chair. (Doesn’t apply to XL, glideaway, power XR, power plus or Lift models).   

  • An easier reach

    If you require a bit more assistance reaching the handle on your La-Z-Boy recliner, no problem! Upgrade to a longer handle and add an extra 50mm to the overall length.

  • Swivel

    Do you need more movement in your La-Z-Boy recliner? You can add a swivel base, to receive full 360-degree spin movement. Perfect for those living in a smaller space (available on rocker recliner only). The swivel movement is not available on Power, Power XR, Glideaway and XL models.

  • Are you left-handed?

    Not all of us are right-handed, so whilst our La-Z-Boy’s come standard with a right-handed handle, it is no problem to upgrade to receive the handle on the left at no extra cost (only available for custom orders).

  • Don't want the rock?

    If the La-Z-Boy recliner you've fallen in love is a Rocker Recliner and you don’t want to rock, no problem. We can lock the rock for you easily.