After 8 decades of research, there are plenty of construction and comfort features that make La-Z-Boy recliners unique. With industry leading design and innovation behind every recliner, you can be assured you will be investing in quality when you choose a La-Z-Boy recliner. 

  • Secure 3 position locking footrest

    La-Z-Boy recliners give you the option of 3 locking options, all at different heights.  

  • La-Z-Boy mechanism - 16 seat positions for customised comfort

    Our Seat Tilt Ratchet Mechanism allows you to adjust the seat and footrest pitch into one of 16 unique seat positions. Elevate your feet in any seated position to stimulate blood flow and provide greater relaxation and comfort. 

  • Total body and lumbar support

    La-Z-Boy is the ONLY Recliner that gives you full body support throughout the reclining function, keeping the lower back and tailbone supported at all times.